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Cairo and Luxor 4 days (35)

  • Луксор
  • Каир
  • Египет
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Take a tour to Cairo and Luxor for 4 days. An amazing tour that will leave you wanting more. Tour the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum, the bazaar, and much more. Book your tour today with Booking-tours.


Cairo with a population of over six and a half million, is the largest city in the Middle East. The Egyptian Museum located in Cairo holds over 140 antiquities.  Tour the museum to see the golden masks, ancient coins made from silver, gold, and copper, the crypts, the statues, paintings, and much more.  Visit Cairo's' most famous bazaar the Khan El Khalili, where you can buy almost anything your heart desires.  Old Cairo is home to one of the oldest synagogues, the Ben Ezra.  Moses is said to have been brought here as a baby.

Travel to Sakkara to see the first pyramid that was built, the Djoser pyramid.  The pyramids have many rooms and corridors, they were built like that to fool the robbers of the actual place that the pharaohs and their treasures were hidden.

Luxor is in the upper South of Egypt.  It is located 9 hours from Cairo by train.  There are many ruins to tour here. Most kings and nobles were buried in the Valley of the Kings.  See the hieroglyphics on the walls, and the careful construction and workmanship that was put into constructing the tombs.

Minimum 2 participants

Day 1: Taba to Cairo

A driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Eilat at 21:00 pm to the Taba border, you will be assist with border control. there you will be meeting with the Egyptian team and travel into Egypt westward across the Sinai desert via the Suez Canal to Cairo. (approximately 385 km.) 
Arrive in Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum. 
After lunch visit a papyrus institute for a demonstration of how paper was made and an explanation of hieroglyphics.
Travel to your hotel for overnight and a free evening.
(Optional Dinner Cruise on the Nile for an extra fee).


Day 2: Cairo - Luxor
Visit the Cairo Pyramids and the Sphinx.
Tour ancient Cairo.
Visit Bazaar - packed with spices, perfume, copper ware, & trinkets, where those who wish to can purchase souvenirs. 
Depart Cairo, to the train station to catch the sleeper train to Luxor and overnight (about 9 hours).


Day 3: Luxor – Cairo 
An early morning, we continue our touring in Luxor, by visiting the West Bank - Valley of the Kings. 
First the East Bank- (Karnak temple: the main center of worship in ancient Egypt and Luxor temple that has huge papyrus columns and was dedicated to the god Amon. One of its striking aspects is the remains of an ancient Christian Church and Abu Hagag Mosque. Here three religions represented in one place).

Day 4: Cairo - Taba

Arrive to Cairo in the morning to start your tour. 
Tour ancient Cairo, starting with a visit to the Coptic Church and then visit the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, Cairo’s oldest synagogue. 
Continue to the Citadel of Saladin. 
Departure Cairo and drive back to Taba (about 10 hours).

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  • Завтрак
  • Гостиница 3*
  • Ночной поезд из Каира в Луксор
  • Сбор с гостиницы
  • Групповой тур

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  • Visa charge for Egypt 60$
  • High season supplement