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Regional Tour Information for Israel Jordan and Egypt

IMPORTANT NOTE: Information contained on the site may be changed or updated without notice. Informations are subject to change without prior notice.

PASSPORTS To travel to Israel, Jordan & Egypt, you will need a valid passport and one that has not expired or will not expire while you are out of the country. All passports must have a validity of at least 6 months and at least 2 blank pages for stamping purposes. VISAS Visas are the responsibility of the individual. You must contact your local embassies/ consulates regarding visa requirements for Israel, Jordan & Egypt. Below are visa requirements for each country.

ISRAEL A Visitor's visa is granted to someone who wishes to stay in Israel for only a short time (for a visit, tourism, a business meeting or study in a Hebrew ulpan). A person who enters Israel with this visa is not allowed to work in the State of Israel. For US citizens, visas are not required for Israel. Most nationalities require a tourist visa. This will be issued free of charge on arrival at the airport. The visa is valid for up to three months from the date of issue. The duration of the stay in Israel will be determined by the Border Police. A visitor who wishes to extend his visit may submit an application at one of the regional population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior and it cost US$24. 

JORDAN All nationalities require a visa. It can be obtained by most nationalities at the nearest embassy/consulate or upon arrival at the airport. Certain nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained prior to travel. It is recommended that you check with the Jordanian diplomatic mission in your country prior to travel to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork for travel.

There are 3 Bridges/ Border Crossings between Israel and Jordan:

1. Sheikh Hussein/ Jordan River Border

2. Allenby Border/ King Hussein Bridge

3. Arava Border/ Wadi Arava Border For tourists crossing Allenby Border, you cannot obtain a visa at the Allenby Border cross.

Therefore, you must obtain a visa from your local Jordanian Embassy before crossing Allenby Border. For the arrivals at Aqaba, either through the port, the airport or at the crossing from Israel or Saudi Arabia is granted a free visa to Jordan. No obligation associated with this visa, provided that the tourists will leave the country within 1 month of arrival, and that they do not need to renew their visa. Single entry visas, valid for 14 days at a cost of 20 JOD (around US$30) and 60 JOD (around US$85) for multiple entries for all nationalities. Exit service fee applies for land and sea border points. It is 8 JOD (around US$15) per passenger and 5 JOD (around US$7) per vehicle.

EGYPT Entry visas may be obtained from Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad or from the Entry Visa Department at the Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration. However, it is possible for most tourists and visitors to obtain an entry visa at any of the Major Ports of Entry upon entry to Egypt. Visitors entering Egypt at the overland border post to Taba to visit Gulf of Aqaba coast and St. Catherine; tourists from Great Britain and other European nationals travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts only, can be exempted from visa and granted a free residence permit for 14 days to visit the area. They shall receive a free entry stamp upon arrival. Anyhow, while this is an option, obtaining a visa before you travel is highly recommended to prevent any problems that may occur on the point of entry. Egyptian Entry visa (advisable to be pre-arranged; cost approximately about US$15-25 depending on your country of origin). Please check with your nearest Egyptian Consular mission for more details concerning visa regulations applying to your citizenship. Costs vary according to nationality. A single entry visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and entitles the bearer to 1 month in Egypt. Processing time when applying for an Egypt visa, processing time and fees are very dependent on the visa class, as well as the nationality of the applicant and the time of year. Both the time taken to process the visa application and the cost are subject to change, but the standard processing

time is 10 working days.



Austria 300 AS$

380 AS$

Belgium 1100 1300 BF
Brazil 25 Cr$ 30 Cr$ 
Canada 25 C$ 31 C$ 
France 25 Euro NO CHANGE 
USA $50  $75 


Important Note: Information contained on the site may be changed or updated without notice. Informations are subject to change without prior notice. The fees are as follows:

ISRAEL TO JORDAN (Can be paid in Israeli Shekel or in US Dollar) Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border: Around US$30/ 100 NIS(New Israeli Shekel Allenby Border/ King Hussein Border: Around US$55/ 173 NIS Arava Border/ Wadi Arava Border:

Around US$30/ 100 NIS

JORDAN TO ISRAEL: (To be paid in Jordanian Dinar) Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border: Around US$14/ 10 JD(Jordanian Dinar) Allenby Border/ King Hussein Border: Around US$12/ 8 JD Arava Border/ Wadi Arava Border: Around US$12/ 8 JD

ISRAEL TO EGYPT (Taba Border): Outbound Israel: Around US$31/ 101 NIS Inbound Egypt: Around US$14/ LE 46 (Egyptian Pound)

JORDAN TO EGYPT: Around US$15 EGYPT TO ISRAEL: No border fee THE MONETARY UNIT It is wise to check the current exchange representative value before the departure. US dollars are widely used in all the countries you will be visiting. We recommend you to have some $1 and $5 dollar denominations with you. Approximation value is a guide only as the exchange rate fluctuates so it is wise to check the current exchange representative value nearer to the departure date. ISRAEL Monetary unit is New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Approximately 1US$= 3.8 NIS. JORDAN Monetary unit is Jordanian Dinar (JOD). Approximately 1US$ = 0.71 JOD. EGYPT Monetary unit is Egyptian Pound (EGP). Approximately 1US$ = 5.98 EGP.