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Mount Sinai and Saint Catherines from Tel Aviv (26)

  • Гора Синай
  • Египет
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An easy way to see St. Catherines' Monastery and Mount Sinai, with flights from Tel Aviv.  Tour the oldest working Monastery in the world, and climb up Mt. Sinai with your professional guide.  Book today!


St. Catherines' monastery is the oldest monastery that has been continuously working throughout all the years, since it was built around 548.  The monastery boasts of the largest collection of icons in the world.  They also have a huge collection of chalices and mosaic art, that date from the 5th and 6th centuries.

Mt. Sinai is the famous mountain that is said to be where Moses received the ten commandments.  There are the most amazing views from the top. There are 2 ways to climb Mount Sinai, there is the long route, which takes about two and a half hours on foot, although you can ride a camel up.  Then there is the steep route that is more direct.  It is call the steps of penitence, and it is in a ravine in back of the monastery.

Minimum 3 people

Tour Schedule:

Evening flight from Tel Aviv to Eilat 

21:00- Pickup from the Eilat airport and transport to Taba border.

21:30- After crossing the border we will start to drive to Santa.   It is about a 3 hour drive.

00:00 - Climb the mountain.

04:30- See the amazing views from the top, with an outstanding sunrise.

08:00- Visit the Monastery & Mount Sinai.

01:30 PM - Lunch in a local authentic restaurant.

03:00 PM - Start going back to Taba  (free time on the beach).

07:00 PM - Transport to the border.

07:30 PM - Arrival at border and return to Israel with assistance, and transport back to Eilat. 

09:30 PM - Flight back to Tel Aviv.

В стоимость включено:

  • Транспорт с кондиционером
  • Гид/Сопровождение
  • Доступ на пляж
  • Водитель
  • Лицензированный Гид
  • Входные билеты
  • Внутренние рейсы
  • Завтрак
  • Трансфер в/из аэропорта
  • Групповой тур

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  • Страховка
  • Чаевые
  • Выездные/въездные налоги
  • Завтрак
  • Обед
  • Ужин
  • Трансфер в/из аэропорта
  • Личная страховка
  • Медицинская страховка
  • Доплата за одноместное размещение
  • Выездной налог