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Petra and Shobak 2 days from Eilat (11)

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Tour Petra and Shobak with our professional guides.  Walk through the Siq, to arrive at the famous Treasury, continuing touring Petra.  Travel to Shobak to visit the Montreal Crusader castle, though not much is left of it, but the history.


Petra is thousands of years old and was at one time inhabited by the Nabateans.  They were a very creative and industrious nation.  The Nabateans created water cisterns, that gather rainwater and sold it to passing caravans, merchants, and travelers.  After a big earthquake hit the region, the cisterns were damaged beyond repair, and the archaeologists believe that it is why the Nabateans abandoned Petra.  Petra has another name, the Rose Colored City, the mountains are rose colored, and as the day goes on - the mountains change theyr color from orange to red.

Shobak is known for it crusader castle - the Montreal.  The castle was built by Baldwin the first of Jerusalem, over a thousand years ago.  Not much of the castle is left, but the history is still there. Shobak resides at the highest point in Jordan, very snowy in Winter, and very dry in Summer.  They grow vegetables, olives, all types of fruit, but mainly apples, and they are known for their sale of honey.


Day 1:

We will pick you up from your hotel, and bring you to the border.
We will drive to Petra which takes about 2 hours and start the wonderful day in Petra.  Tour Petra
After 3-4 hours of walking and learning eat lunch in one of the restaurants.
Check into a  3 star hotel in Petra  ( there is an option for an upgrade )

Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel
We start our drive to the amazing Shobak city which includes the amazing Crusader castle .
After a tour of 3 hours of touring we will drive to the Arava border and finish our tour at the Border, we will pick you up from the border and get you back to your hotel in Eilat.

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  • Завтрак
  • Гостиница 3*
  • Частичные ужины
  • Групповой тур

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